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Ar. Balkrishna Doshi

It was a matter of great fortune to have worked with the Master himself for his project  JDCA (Jatin Das Centre for Arts, Bhubaneswar). B.V. Doshi, one of modern Indian architecture’s most celebrated practitioners. Nearly 90 years later, the Pritzker Prize jury chose Doshi as the 2018 Laureate. From 1951 to 1955, B.V. Doshi worked with Le Corbusier as an architectural apprentice in his Paris atelier. Doshi sir conceptualised the master plan for JDCA , on the natural outcrops  of a land opposite Udaigiri and Khandagiri caves . The land had a natural terrain and the plan was  to configure requirements like  exhibition spaces, collections of various crafts, Pankhas ,  sculptures and other rare artifacts by Artist Jatin Das . 

Working with the Master

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